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More Furniture for Our Home

We need more furniture for our home. Today, I took an Uber to the other charity furniture store in Coimbra. I was looking for various pieces of living room furniture and an oval kitchen table and chairs to replace the table left in the kitchen by the past tenants. That one was too big for the kitchen.

I couldn’t find any living room furniture that I liked but found a great kitchen table with 6 chairs for $150. The charity shop only takes cash but I didn’t have enough on me. The man said there was an ATM about 500 meters up the hill. No way was I going to walk that so he offered to drive me. It’s a good thing, too. It was quite a bit further than 500 meters.

There’s no way I’d get into a stranger’s van to go to the ATM in the U.S. but Portugal is different. I can’t explain it well, but the people here are so much kinder. There’s a feeling of peace around them, at least the ones I’ve met or talked to.

I arranged delivery for around 3 pm. The man and his helper, a cute young man in his 20s, started to bring stuff up. I told them I needed help getting the old table into the half of the living room that I’m making into a dining room/office.

They moved the table, even removing a couple of doors to do it. Then they brought in my new used table and chairs and replaced the doors. Although tipping is not expected here, I gave them a few Euros to go get something cold to drink.

Before they left, the young guy asked me why U.S. women are sometimes called “a Karen.” He’s the second person to ask me that this week. I answered the best I could so he’d understand.

I have someone else coming in an hour to check why the water heater keeps clicking. It’s something to do with the electric starter.

After that person fixes the problem, I need to go find us some supper to bring back to the apartment. And go to the furniture store nearby to order something I saw yesterday. I had originally priced out two sofas, two end tables, a coffee table, a TV console, and an entry hall table. Instead, I’ll get 1 sofa and the hall table. I’m tired of sitting in the kitchen on hard chairs.

It sure will be nice when Kellie is off quarantine. It’s much more fun exploring and shopping with her. Alas, that won’t be until Saturday.

Here’s a picture of the new-to-us kitchen table and chairs.

photo by Alecia Ramsey

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