Preparing for the Move to Portugal

Fixing the Leaky Hose

When the hot water heater was turned on, the gas man noticed a leaky hot water hose. The plumber came and fixed the leaky hose. However, he doesn’t know how to stop the clicking in the water heater. My realtor told me that the plumber would be able to fix the clicking problem, but that was not true. Perhaps he misunderstood my problem. I had sent him a short video of the water heater problem, complete with the clicking noise and the flame coming on and going right out. That didn’t seem to help him understand.

He also didn’t speak any English and my translator app was acting up. I called my realtor to talk to him. Apparently, the plumber told him that he couldn’t fix the clicking problem. The realtor will now call the landlord’s agent yet again, this time to fix what I originally asked to get fixed.

I’m starting to pick up a Portuguese word here and there but it’s still not enough to understand. I have a lot to learn, that’s for sure. So far I’ve been lucky. Most of the people I’ve spoken to knew at least a little English making communication possible.

The two exceptions to that statement are our neighbors. They are a lovely older couple who don’t know any English whatsoever. After trying to talk to each other for about 20 minutes, I gathered that his name is Antonio and her name is Maria Fatima. I think he invited us to knock on their door if we needed anything or just to say hello. Eventually, I would like to get to know them. First, I need to learn more Portuguese.

A little frustration never hurt anyone. This is an everyday occurrence here so I just roll with it. No biggie.

Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

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