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About Us and Who We Are

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We are a multi-generational, blended family  who are excited to share our journey as we explore the fabulous Portugal.  Follow along as we plan our move, settle into our new home, and tour the country.  You, too, will see what a wonderful place Portugal truly is.

Alecia (me) and Dan (my kid brother) are Gen Xers who grew up as typical military brats.  We traveled around the United States and even lived a couple of years in the Philippines.   After high school, we went our separate ways to start our families and careers.  Since 2017, we’ve rebuilt our relationship and gotten closer to each other.

Once I learned that Dan and I are Italian (and EU) citizens, we began making plans to combine our households and move to Europe.   After a lot of soul-searching, we decided that Portugal was the best place for us.  It has an affordable cost of living and a laid-back lifestyle.  Portuguese people are friendly and open.  The many cultural and historical sites are an added bonus.

We plan to move to Coimbra, a university city in central Portugal, in the summer of 2022.   We’ll spend at least a year there as we explore the  country to decide where we want to permanently settle down.

Also along on the ride are my daughter, Kellie, and our two cats, Smokey and Katie, Dan’s wife, Angie, their youngest, Ben, and their dog, Possum.

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Contact us if you have any questions about us, our move, or Portugal. We love to hear from our readers.

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Flag of Portugal consisting of 1/3 on left is green and 2/3 on right is red with the Portuguese symbol of a shield encased in goldwork placed over the dividing line between green and red
Map of Portugal showing the subdivisions of North, Central, Alentejo, Lisbon, Algarve, Madiera, and Azores