Moving to Portugal

Our First Major Shopping Event

We went on our first major shopping event for sheets, pillows, dishes, etc. today at a store called Auchon. It’s like a super Walmart with stuff from clothes to household to food. It’s in a mall complete with movies and a food court. We had lunch at McDonald’s.

At Auchon, we got a lot of stuff for the house. So much that we couldn’t carry it all even in the cart. I had seen on Google that Auchon delivers so I double-checked with an associate. I just had to schedule it with the checkout clerk, he said. That’s good since I didn’t know how we’d be able to fit it all in an Uber.

After the cashier had rung up about half of my stuff, another worker asked if I had made a reservation. I said I didn’t know I had to. Since it’s the weekend, they are unable to deliver until Monday. That’s okay by me. So I finished checking out then the second lady brought me to a different area.

She scheduled the delivery for Monday between 10-12. She’d keep my stuff, almost 300€ worth, in another area of the store until Monday. The lady suggested that I make a delivery reservation prior to shopping. I could also shop online, she said.

We didn’t get sheets yet because I don’t know what size to get. They don’t have Twin, Full, Queen, and King sizes. Rather, the sheets are sized by the measurements of the mattress. I’ll have to get a measuring tape so I can figure out the size of sheets we need.

We’re back at the apartment. Our plan was to do laundry in the new machine. We even have detergent. But alas, we have to hang our clothes to dry and the drying rack is still at Auchon until Monday.

I suppose we could go check out the Chinese store for some little things we need as well as a stop at the Multibanco (ATM). That will at least get us outside for a bit.


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