Moving to Portugal

An Okay Day With a Health Scare

Today has been an okay day. After breakfast at a padaria/the bakery, we headed to the apartment. We did a load of laundry despite not having the drying rack until tomorrow. Hanging the clothes on the backs of the kitchen chairs, the oven handle, and our headboards work.

We spent a lot of time with Katie. She’s such a good girl. When the washer started, she didn’t know what to make of the tumbling clothes. Katie wouldn’t get closer than 6 feet away but she at least watched it for a long time.

After the clothes were draped on stuff to dry, we headed out to lunch. Kellie has had a bit of a scratchy throat for a couple of days so we went light for lunch.

More Shopping

After lunch, we went to Pingo Doce, the grocery store. Since I had just plugged in the refrigerator before we left for lunch we didn’t get much, just some glass cleaner, paper towels, and cat treats.

A little while later, when Kellie got bored, she went back to the store. She got a 1/4 watermelon and 2 coconuts. I asked why the coconuts. She said she just wanted to try them. Neither one of us knows how to open a coconut, but that didn’t stop her from hacking at it with a knife. Of course, that didn’t work. She did figure out puncturing the spots on top and draining the coconut water inside. That tasted nasty to me.

She finally gave up and sliced a couple of pieces of watermelon for us. Later, I got a tip to tap around the coconut with a hammer to open it. We tried that but it didn’t work. Kellie had the brilliant idea to put the coconut in a bag and bang it on the concrete outside. It opened after one bang. I’ve never been one to like coconut much so I wasn’t surprised that I didn’t like it.

Feeling Sick

Kellie said she wanted a nap and slept for about 2 hours. When she woke up, we went to the local Chinese restaurant for dinner. She coughed a bit while there, probably from her scratchy throat, but when she said she coughed up a little mucus, I got concerned.

When we got back to the Airbnb I had her take a covid test. I brought a couple with me. She came back positive. I took one too but mine came back negative.

Tomorrow, we’ll just head to the apartment. I’ll come back to the Airbnb for the rest of our stuff if we can’t carry it all in the morning. Checkout at the Airbnb is Tuesday but we’ll leave a day early. Kellie will be quarantined for 5 days, the latest recommendation from the public health people.

The things we ordered from Auchon will be delivered tomorrow so we should be set for a while with non-perishables. I’ll head over to Pingo Doce for some food.

To be clear, Kellie is doing ok. She just has cold symptoms. I’ll keep you updated.

Image by Admiral_Lebioda from Pixabay

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