Moving to Portugal

Our First Couple of Problems in Coimbra

We had a couple of problems in Coimbra when we first arrived. Yesterday, we finally made it to Lisbon after a 90-minute delay. Our driver, Nuno, was a trooper and waited for us. He also gave us our first Portuguese hugs.

The First Problem We Had in the Apartment

Once we got to Coimbra (a 2-hour drive), Nuno helped lug our 7 suitcases and carryons up two flights of stairs. He also noticed a water leak from the upstairs bathroom into the two lower bathrooms. He shut the water off (it had been dripping since Friday when the water was turned on) and called my realtor. The realtor called the landlord’s agent who called a plumber to fix the leak.

After we left the apartment and checked into the Airbnb, the plumber did come to fix the leak. I’m not sure if he also sopped up the water from the bathroom floors, but when we arrived the next day, the floors were dry. Dirty, but dry.

Another Day, Another Problem

Today, we went back to the apartment to check on the cat before going furniture shopping. However, we had another problem. The key got stuck in the lock and we couldn’t open the door. I again called the realtor who called the landlord’s agent. He came over and tried to force the key out of the lock. It broke with half the key stuck in the lock.

He doesn’t speak English and I don’t speak enough Portuguese yet, so I used the translator app on my phone to communicate with him. He was going to call a locksmith but it wouldn’t be changed until later in the afternoon.

Kellie and I went to lunch and walked around the shopping area nearby before heading back to the apartment. The lock had been removed but not yet replaced so we just walked in. Paid lots of attention to the cat and unloaded two suitcases. The agent and locksmith came back and put in a new lock. The keys don’t stick now. It cost me 100€ for the locksmith.

Tomorrow we go furniture shopping. We kind of have to since we at least need beds, a refrigerator, and a washing machine. We’re in the middle of a heat wave (44 degrees C yesterday) and our clothes smell rather ripe so a washer is definitely needed.

The Bright Points Despite the Problems in Coimbra

Despite the problems, there have been bright points. Kellie went to a bakery across from the Airbnb last evening by herself and came back with 2 pastries and water. This was the first evening we were in Portugal. Yay for her shopping alone! Today, while we were out walking around Kellie bought herself a new watch, again by herself. She has tried some new foods without complaint, didn’t like one but liked the others, and has been a real trooper through our problems in Coimbra. I’m so proud of her!

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