Preparing for the Move to Portugal

How did we prepare for the big move to Portugal? What did we pack? How did we prepare our pets? What did we tell our friends and family? What were the logistics of moving two households and combining them into one?

  • Preparing for the Move to Portugal

    How to Travel to Portugal with a Pet

    I’ll be talking about how to travel from the United States with a pet, specifically dogs and/or cats, in this article. Dan and Angie are bringing their dog, Possum, and Kellie and I are bringing our cats, Katie and Smokey. Certain rules must be followed, and the rules I’ll be discussing are current as of 2020.  Further information on moving to Portugal can be found in the Files section of the private Facebook group, Americans & FriendsPT.  Request to join the group to access the files. The information in this post is from the file “Bringing pets to Portugal: 2020 Guidelines,” by Susan Korthase.  Find detailed information on this website,…